The Project

Discovering Tomorrow’s Farm Leaders

The campaign will work to explain the contribution of the Common Agricultural Policy to the development of the national agricultural sector through two important accents that are also national priorities: innovations in the rural areas and the change of generations in the farming profession. The two are interrelated – the farming profession is usually associated with back-breaking labour and work conditions that remained in the past century. Rural areas are experiencing two important demographic phenomena: on the one hand, there is out-migration, which, coupled with the ageing population, poses serious economic and social challenges. On the other hand, there are cases of “urban to rural” migration, in particular of young people, some of them highly qualified experts in various fields. And while agriculture has an important role in shaping rural landscapes, the diversification of rural economies towards non-agricultural sectors is a very important factor.

“Rural” does not have to be synonymous with decline and the innovation policies are to a great extent the factor that makes the difference. That is why we attribute great importance to explaining the concept of innovation and its role, and providing stimulating examples from across Europe, emphasizing the role of CAP, and beyond. The cross-section of the Union grant programme objectives and the objectives of the proposed information measure is promoting the way, in which CAP helps create area-based dynamic by supporting solutions to the social demand for innovation. The European Network for Rural Development has collected and presented a wealth of inspiring examples which, properly portrayed and promoted, can become the generator of interest, ideas and impetus.

The primary target groups of this information measure are secondary school and university students and teachers, and the secondary is the general public.

What to expect:

Information stands at 3 major thematic events to disseminate the project informative products and enter into direct communication with the target group representatives

In the project framework information stands will be organised at 3 events:

  • the Inter Food and Drink expo in Sofia (in November 2018);
  • the AGRA exhibition in Plovdiv (in February 2019);
  • TF Fest in Plovdiv (in April 2019).

6 “Modern Farmer” seminars for university students held in university centres in a deliberation format

Production of informational materials: four types of informative and analytical materials with specific targeting for large-scale dissemination

Competitive game: organization of “Modern Farmer” nominations

Practice Enterprises: a new module “training farm” designed, developed and piloted in two schools, applying the practice enterprise method in their curricula